E-mailable product group files can be downloaded from this page.
Our complete catalog in one single document : Catalogue_Vlamboog_English_2017-complete.pdf
Our General terms and conditions of sale : De_Vlamboog_general_terms_and_conditions_of_sale_EN.pdf 
With respect to the use of this Vlamboog catalog : Disclaimer_Vlamboog_Publications_EN.pdf
The Vlamboog catalog does present Vlamboog's complete product portfolio. Feel free to contact us for more product information.

Our Gross Pricelist as per 01-01-2017 updated November 1st 2017: VLAMBOOG_GrossBruto_Pricelist_1_November_2017.xlsx
This updated Gross pricelist contains monthly prices for tungsten electrodes, leather gloves and welding cable.
Other changes since the 1st of January 2017 (new prices, new and discontinued products) can be selected with a filter. 
Please note that our Gross prices for ATG-gloves have changed per November 1st.